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Dear readers,

Welcome To My Home Page:

I am Jayantibhai D. Patel of Bakrol and this is my web site. This web site is for you if you love to read Gujarati online. It is my free service to Gujaraties abroad and is absolutaly free. You don't have to download any Gujarati font to read it. All material published here is in PDF format. I have published my six novels on the other web site. If you want to read my all novels please log on to:  http://www.pustakalay.com/
You will find lot more novels and other books there online for free.



As you know that there are only Gujarati newspapers online are free. I have started a Gujarati online library for free. Some other litereturery sites are trying to make their place on internet. This site is one of them. I have started it as a service to Gujarati community abroad, where internet is widely familiar. Elderly people and other who have learnd and staid in India for some years will like it.

This site will be updated of and on so that you will find some thing new on every visit.

Please send me your views about the novel published here and about the site also. I will be pleased to change this site the way readers want.
We have some pages of 'Gujarati Jokes' and Gujarati poems also in this web site. You must read these jokes and poems. I am sure you will like these jokes. To read jokes please click on the links on the left column of this page. Today I have added "vangi Vihar" - Cooking section in the web. Please Enjoy and send your comments.

Other novel by Jayantibhai Patel
Dhartino bijo chhedo:

A very good novel by Jayantibhai Patel about struggle of elderly people ni America. The parents who have came to America to live with their young children face un beliving troubles from them. What happens when they try to find way to overcome those troubles? Author has tactfully handeled all sides of this problem. It is a novel worth reading.

Our Guestbook is not only the guestbook now. You are invited to post your comments on the following topics : 1. Gujaraties abroad.2. Is born abroad generation still Gujarati? 3. What you think should be done to make this web site more usefull?Post your comments and answer to the comments posted here by others. You can post your comments in my guestbook. Please be decent to others. Thank you.

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